Chelsea Roberts | Corporate Support Account Executive

Chelsea Roberts is a Corporate Support Account Executive for Michigan Radio, since 2019.

Chelsea grew up in East Lansing and graduated from Lansing Community College and Michigan State University before heading to the Pacific Northwest for six years. Before joining Michigan Radio, Chelsea worked in corporate support and development at Northwest Public Broadcasting in Washington State where her fundraising and marketing efforts grew audience ratings and corporate sponsorship contributions. She is grateful to be continuing her public media career back in Michigan, her home.

Corporate and non-profit sponsors of Michigan Radio reach our loyal and treasured audiences while supporting rigorous, non-commercial, award-winning journalism. As an AE for Corporate Support Chelsea articulates the value of public radio sponsorship for businesses, strategizes with leaders and marketing teams, and makes recommendations based on an organization’s unique outreach goals.

When she is not working, Chelsea enjoys playing and writing music, researching history, riding her bicycle, and hanging out with her family and friends, preferably over tacos.