Rusty Brach | Systems Administrator

Rusty Brach is the systems administrator for Michigan Radio which is a fancy name for an all-purpose computer and networking guy.

Since 2005, he has provided computer support for staff members, maintained and expanded the local network, installed and repaired numerous servers and workstations, and performed various web-related duties.

During his tenure, as Michigan Radio reporters have embraced mobile computing and as the Michigan Radio web presence has diversified, he was overseen the expansion in the scope and complexity of the computer network.

Continually working to monitor and augment network function and security, his biggest goal is to have his activities be transparent to staff, meaning that reporters and others are free to perform their duties with minimal technical interruptions or glitches.

Before working for Michigan Radio, Rusty was a volunteer for Michigan Radio and dreamed of someday working for the station. After more than a dozen years, he still feels like he has won the lottery each day when he arrives at work and he feels privileged to work with such a dedicated and talented team of people.

When not working at Michigan Radio, Rusty divides his time biking, running, and swimming.